Advancing your wealth creation & protection

At The Moore Wealth Group Inc. , we specialize in helping you maximize the value of your greatest asset: Your Business!

You are working hard, you have taken tremendous risk and many people depend on your success. Is anyone working hard FOR YOU to:

  • Lower your total risk;
  • Help reduce the tax you pay with effective tax strategies to minimize your tax bill;
  • Maximize the wealth you generate;
  • Ensure that you have a succession plan
  • Keep your legacy intact
  • Protect your family, the people who depend on you

Your employees are the key to your business; protect them and your business by considering:

  • Key Person Insurance
  • Buy-Sell Insurance
  • Business-Loan Insurance
  • Executive Disability Plans
  • Registered Pension Plans and Group RRSPs
  • Employee Benefit Plans

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